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DIY Beeswax Hair Pomade

When I first met Andrew, he was using 'Got2Be' hair gel that created these scary, weapon-esque straight up spikes that you could barely touch. With a bit of help, he's now a pro at managing his beautiful hair using mostly Aveda stuff (to my chagrin and our pocket book).

A few weeks ago I had this random thought: "What if I could DIY some hair pomade using beeswax?" Almost too crunchy, I figured I'd give it a try for fun, with almost no expectations that a) it would work, or b) that Andrew would even like it...

I bought some beeswax at the market and attempted to google a recipe. I only found one with measurements and I decided it was too complicated really. So- I figured I'd wing it from other blog posts and reading I had done. 

I can barely believe it, but it actually works! And quite fabulously if I do say so myself. Although it sounds pretty darn crunchy to make your own hair pomade, it's cheap, easy to make and has three ingredients. So why not? Ladies- you could totally use this as well, if you'd like less 'waxy-ness' and just a  bit of a hold, just replace more of the beeswax for oil.
(The finished beeswax product in a small anchor glass container. It smells slightly like clove and coconut oil!)

DIY Beeswax Hair Pomade (makes about 1/4 cup ish).
(I apologize, but honestly I didn't write anything down, since I was sorta just going by feel. It's kinda how I role typically, but drives Andrew bonkers. It also demonstrates that you can totally adjust to what you feel would be best for what you want in the consistency).

Double boiler (or a fake-out double boiler using a pot with about 2 inches and a metal bowl. Just be aware that the beeswax is a little tricky-but not impossible- to clean out).
A shallow glass jar
A metal spoon
A digital scale (or... you could probably guesstimate in tablespoons)

0.6 oz of beeswax (update: Andrew prefers a more waxy hold- we now use 1 ounce of beeswax)
4 teaspoons of unrefined coconut oil
clove essential oil to scenting preference (or another essential oil that makes you happy)
(the beeswax melting away in our fake out double boiler! With the help of hot water, dish detergent and a hard scrubby the wax was gone without too much effort)
  1. First, since I had a fake out double boiler, I boiled the water and placed the metal bowl on top.
  2. I had purchased an ounce of beeswax (hard cube) at the farmer's market for 50 cents. Using the digital scale I cut away at it until it weighed 0.6 ounces. If I had to guess, I'd say about 4 tablespoons of shredded beeswax.
  3. Place the beeswax in the double boiler to start melting.
  4. Add 4 teaspoons of coconut oil.
  5. Using a metal spoon mix together until completely melted.
  6. Take off heat and pour into glass container.
  7. QUICKLY add about 5 drops of essential oil (or try 3, sniff and add more to your scenting pleasure).
  8. Allow to cool to room temperature.

Done! And it only took about 20min from start to cooling!

To Use:
This recipe makes quite a hard consistency (which actually perfectly matches Andrew's current pomade or clay preference). So- using your fingernail (or spoon) scrape off about pea-sized amount and work into your fingers. 

(Andrew's hair at 8:20pm after a full day of wearing the beeswax pomade- perfect! And he notes that it demonstrates his need for a haircut lol)

After a full day of having it in his hair, it looks fantastic and hasn't moved (without being stiff or weird looking). Even walking in the windy city that is Halifax hasn't had an effect. We don't expect that much difficulty with the shampooing, as most pomades have a wax as part of their recipe.

**Post shower update: Andrew had ZERO difficulties washing the pomade out of his hair- and is now a daily, under a 1$, delicious smelling, 3 ingredient beeswax pomade convert. Success!

No more chemical-filled, pricey pomade/clays for us!

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  1. How cool! My husband uses Got2Be and Bed Head and something by Garnier Fructis. I don't have the time to make DIY hair products and he certainly doesn't have the motivation. But I will file this away on my aspire to-do list for when I emerge from the new mom fog.

  2. Okay this is just TOO COOL !!! My daughter is 16 and obsessed with hair care products. I am going to try this - it would save so much money and much healthier for her.
    And hey, I might try it too!

  3. Thanks for the recipe!!! I will definitely be making this ASAP! :)

  4. YESSSSSSSSSS!!! This is an absolutely fantabulously awesome recipe. Bonus points for being able to use the beeswax from our own bees. Now, if only I could grow coconuts on my balcony...

  5. Thanks everyone! I hope you all have an easy time making it- let me know if you have any changes or suggestions that you make :)

  6. That's so cool. I wish my 20 yo son would go for something like that but he won't. My 22 yo son is a Got2Be user as well but he no longer lives in my house and yeah, he wouldn't go for a DIY product either.

  7. Quick question. I'm looking at giving this a go but alas the hair in my family is fine and tends to get oily easily. Did you find that the oils in the pomade translated to an oily hair look? Thanks :)
    I'm hoping to make a ginger scented pomade for my ginger haired brother :-p

  8. @Anonymous: Andrew doesn't have thin hair, but it gets oily- he's actually only starting to run out of this batch NOW, more than six months later :) You could always decrease the oil content, but as long as he doesn't put too much it should be fine. It's much more waxy than say a "clay" though.
    the good thing about this pomade is that if your brother doesn't like it, it wasn't that expensive to make :)

  9. Hi! I was wondering if it would be alright to mention this post about your pomade on my blog - I'd like to give you credit for making the original. Please let me know- I would have emailed, but couldn't find an address- feel free to skip posting this comment, if you wish- I'm not asking in order to advertise my own blog, just to respectfully ask your permission. Thanks!
    - Heather R.

    1. Hey! Yes of course :D I'm gonna skip over there and see how it went for you!

  10. I just made my own beeswax/EO oil hair pomade! I used this stuff for the oil:

    It's just a blend of a bunch of oils, with nothing else (no alcohol or any chemicals).

    Sure, I could have just used coconut and olive oil, and I might do that for the next batch, but I had the EO already, and wanted something thicker. It's AWESOME! I've been meaning to do this forever, as commercial hair pastes make my forehead break out if I sweat. And why not, for a LITTLE amount compared to $10-$20 per tin.

    I used about 1oz of the oil, and a half ounce of beeswax. About $2.50, on just a tiny test batch. Of course, being able to blend it to your desired thickness is just a bonus.

    This took all of 15 minutes, including trial and error. So stoked!

  11. oh, and another question:

    is this good for straightening out wavy hair?

    1. Hm, I would have to say if you put in less beeswax (just a smidgeon of beeswax) it might be good for straightening hair, but the risk is that your hair would be pretty heavy and oily. Perhaps consider replacing the coconut oil with a lighter oil, like almond oil, or even grapeseed oil (or argan oil would be really great).
      That said, straight up oils may make your hair oily.... :S

  12. is coconut oil necessary in step 4?

    1. for the pomade to work and not to TOO stiff, you should put some sort of oil. coconut oil is pretty cheap and solid at room temperature (whereas many other oils aren't).
      You could put less coconut oil and more beeswax and you'll get a stiffer pommade.

  13. I tried the recipe with 3 3/4 T shredded beeswax - but THAT wasn't it. It was completely hard. So I modified it slightly to this :

    3T + 2tsp shredded beeswax (smooshed into tablespoon)
    3T + 1tsp unrefined coconut oil
    1T shea butter
    6 drops champaca essential oil
    9 drops lemon essential oil
    (makes it smell like lemon cake when combined with the coconut oil)

    With the same basic instructions. It's still very solid with this recipe but rubbing it puts some on my fingers. More like a styling or finishing wax than a pomade. And it's perfect! I have very short hair and it holds well enough to keep everything in place without looking like I've used anything. Including holding tiny little curls without letting them frizz.

    Thank you so much for posting this!

  14. I love using the FX Surf Head hair paste which uses sea salt to add texture as well as a teensy bit of hold to my short but rather dense hair. Any suggestions for recipe modifications that could incorporate the sea salt idea?

    Making my own would be very worth it!!!

    Thanks! Nancy G.

  15. You are awesome!
    I'm gonna do this.
    I've had beeswax for ages, and always thought it would be great for my hair if I could thin it, and tonight I thought, "why not try and thin it? How to do so...."
    Nows I knows.
    Thanks a lot, fine lady!

  16. I just made this & my hubby will be trying it out tomorrow! It looks great. I will definitely update once he tries it :)
    It began to solidify almost immediately so you have to be quick to transfer to your glass jar! it definitely has a hard texture to it, so next time I might alter the recipe to add more coconut oil!

  17. Where do you all buy your beeswax and oils?

    1. I get my beeswax at the Halifax Seaport Market from the Nova Scotia Honey guy and my oils from Planet organic, petes or superstore or sobeys :)

  18. I love it! I will definitely try this. I wonder if you could use Ghee haha

  19. Hi,

    I tried the procedure explained in your blog and the result was awesome.

    Thanks for posting this tutorial.

    Prabhath MP
    Bangalore, India

  20. I made this using 1.2 tbsp beeswax pellets, and 4 tspn coconut oil & it came out amazing!
    The consistency is really hard, so it does take my husband a little longer to style his hair, but the results are totally worth it.
    We went to the beach and his hair was still spiked after hours in the water! & it washes out easily with shampoo!

  21. My son has just had his ringlets chopped and is looking for styling products. I made this last night for him and it's great his hair a but of texture. Come and join Natural Mixtresses on Facebook. It would be great if you could share your recipe !

  22. Can i skip this boiler step if i buy the white refined beewax?

    1. @Anon Nov 2nd 2013: The boiler step is to melt everything together- so nope: you need to melt all the ingredients together so that when it cools it hardens into one cohesive whole.

  23. When you say "4 tsp of coco oil", would that be 4tsp of melted coconut oil? or solid? If solid, then is it a heaped teaspoon? or flat?

    1. it would be 4 tea spoons of coconut oil, solid... and usually it's a flat teaspoon. That said- the measurements should be adjusted to what you prefer- you might prefer less or more depending on the consistency of the beeswax. If the first batch isn't quite what you want, re-melt it all in the double boiler and add wax (for a more solid consistency) or coconut oil (for a more soft consistency).

    2. Thanks, much appreciated. I am looking for a wax that can provide quite a strong hold. I will test it out then.

  24. Made this & tested it tonight....fabulous! Used sandalwood EO. Smells wonderful & much cheaper & healthier than store-bought waxes loaded with "stuffs".

  25. hey hi
    nice recipe
    but i have silky hair that needs a good hold pomade
    do you think this would be the one?
    any alterations?

    1. Hey! well it is pretty heavy, so it MAY be too heavy for your fine hair.... that said if you wanted a pomade with good hold, add more beeswax to this recipe (maybe a whole ounce) and give it a try! it won't cost you much if it doesn't work :)

  26. Hi I love the idea of making pomade at home, just one question, can this be rinsed with water? I usually just rinse my hair thoroughly with water. I shampoo and condition every 2-3 days so I'm just wondering if I can keep that same routine if i used this daily? can the beeswax cause buildup?

    1. hmmm this is a good question. Andrew washes his hair every day w regular shampoo. Honestly, my thoughts are that you'd probably do better with a shampoo.... that said- you could always try it and see.

  27. Started growing out my hair again & was looking for a natural product to spike it with, Thank goodness I came across your blog post! I used to be a Got2Be user too & this pomade is way better. No sticky mess, no flaking & it holds all day too! Heck I even put some on the beard and keeps it nice and neat. Couldn't be happier, Thank you for taking the time to share this with us!

  28. Would you like to check out the homemade pomade i made,. it's a mixture of different hair products, such as wax and mineral oils

  29. Hello, thank you for the post! I had been using a product from a local barber shop that an employee was making, but he's no longer around and his product left with him. I know that it had beeswax and bentonite clay in it. Searching online I can only find recipes with either beeswax or clay, but never both. I'm really trying to recreate this same mixture and am looking for something more matte and less oily so any thoughts on a mixture to start with? I tried 3TB beeswax, 1TB clay, and 4 tsp coconut oil but it's still a little oily for me so not sure if I should just lower the oil or alter the beeswax and clay as well. Any thoughts? Thanks again!

    1. I would say decrease the coconut oil and increase the beeswax-clay. You could do this by simply plunking the mixture back into the double boiler (if it's oily enough it should pop right out of the jar, or you could microwave it to spoon it out) and re melt it, adding more beeswax... :)
      Good luck!

  30. Thanks so much, making a girl version with bergamot and rosewood and it will smell awesome for my teenager - and look up the psychological benefits of these EOs :)

  31. Hi, I followed the recipe above and it worked well in my hair. Very good hold. My only complaint is the consistency is too hard. It's like candle wax. I had to really mash it in my hands to break it down and then remove bits out of my hair. Does anyone have any suggestions how to make it more pliable or creamier?

    1. I have my pomade in an Altoids tin and I use an old button to scrape it out. The friction from the scraping warms it up just enough to make it easier to work with. Hope it helps.


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